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Host4Rent is a cloud hosting service for people who want their own WordPress/PHP websites on their own virtual private server or servers at DigitalOcean.

Through the use of external service provider APIs, Host4Rent could be described as an automated, integrated hosting control panel.

Creating A New Account

By opening our client portal (accessible at the top of our website), you can create an account.

New Accounts must be initiated by potential customers; Host4Rent cannot and will not initiate a new account creation on your behalf through our administrative privileges.

Providing Login Credentials

The first step is to provide a valid email address and a unique password to create your account.


Once submitted, you will see your account page with an empty list of servers.

Providing A Billing Method

Please visit your account settings to provide a valid payment method. It is accessible by clicking or tapping on the gear icon at the top-right side of the page.

Your account settings will have four sections available to you: billing, email, password, and 2-step authorisation.

By default, your billing settings will appear first. Please click on “Add Card” to continue. You will then be able to provide a credit card or debit card number, its expiration date, and its CVC code.

You will then be able to input its billing zipcode. Once done, click “Add” – a green notification should appear if the card was successfully added.

If for any reason you would like to use a different card, you will be able to update your billing method. However, once a card is provided, you will not be able to remove your card and have no card as your billing method.

Host4Rent cannot provide a new billing method on your behalf through our administrative privileges; we can only remove your billing method upon request and/or upon termination of your account.

Creating A New Server

At the right-side of your account homepage, you will find the “New Server” button.

Click on it to subscribe to a new server. You will be offered the choice between a 1GB, 2GB, or 3GB plan. Once selected, you will choose a name for your new server – it must be spelled out in all lowercase.

Plan Selection Name

A completely new Ubuntu server will be created upon submission. It may take a few minutes for your new server to be assigned an IP address (and there will be a link to check on its completion).

Once it is running, you will be able to click on your new server’s name to be taken to its page.

Creating A New Site

There will be an empty list of sites. By clicking on the “New Site” button, you will be able to input your new site’s name (app name) and domain.

If you would like to preview the app in your browser using your server’s IP address, you may enter your server’s IP address as one of the site’s domain names but, please be aware, if it is not removed prior to adding an SSL certificate, you may encounter problems trying to enter your WP Admin panel (if you choose to use WordPress).


  • The app (or site) name is required and can only have lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  • The first and last characters must be letters or numbers.
  • The minimum length is 3 characters.
  • The maximum length is 30 characters.

Select your PHP version. An SSH/SFTP user must be created as well. Once made, the same user account can be selected for any other new sites or each site can have a different SSH/SFTP user created. Below is an example of what would appear if the requirements aren’t met.

As in the screenshot above, you can click the checkbox next to WordPress so that you will have the ability to set-up your WordPress site title and admin account. It is the built-in WordPress installer. If you do not choose the 1-click WordPress install, you will still be able to use SSH/SFTP to upload your site’s files.

You may now create a new app for each website you want to host on your server. That’s it!

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